Biodivers Elba Sea Academy

Biodivers Elba Sea Academy is a service company founded in 2010 which is based in Porto Azzurro. The two owners, Chiara Luciani and Piergiacomo De Cecco (marine biologists, diving instructors, park guides and underwater environmental guides of the Tuscan region), practice numerous activities related to the discovery of the underwater world, carrying out diving and diving courses but with particular attention to environmental education and underwater scientific research.

Here are some of the activities offered:

- Naturalistic snorkeling, activities for adults and children. This activity will allow you to learn about the biodiversity of the Mediterranean with mask and snorkel fins with the marine biologists and diving instructors of the Biodivers! Simple and interesting activity to approach the sea in maximum safety. The activity includes a briefing on marine biology and on the correct use of the equipment. Departure with the dinghy to one of the most characteristic sites for carrying out the activity (place to be decided based on weather and sea conditions)

- An afternoon as a biologist, is a workshop for children aged 8 to 13. The teaching activity "An afternoon as a biologist" takes place under the guidance of marine biologist experts from Biodivers who involve young participants in sampling activities. Each boy is called to collect the elements present on the beach (shells, parts of animals, algae, etc.) and to carry out a cataloging of the organisms found. The "tools of the trade" will be provided (sampling square, cataloging card and identification keys). Once all the material has been collected, the elements collected will be analyzed using a real microscope. The educational laboratory "An afternoon as a biologist" is carried out following the scientific protocol of Reef Check Italia Onlus - MAC Project (Coastal Environment Monitoring)

- The first underwater breath to experience the thrill of breathing underwater between the silence and the beautiful seabeds in maximum safety. Activity suitable for children (ages 8 and up) and adults. - Guided dives with a marine biologist, the seabed of Elba has a lot to offer and if observed with the eye of a biologist they become even more special, this type of diving is ideal for both beginners and experienced divers.

- Perfect diving courses to become an autonomous diver or increase your experience. Through the NADD / CMAS teaching you will be able to acquire the first diving license up to the first professional level of diving guide.

For more information contact:

Chiara Luciani 3471884395 Piergacomo De Cecco 3493746363 mail: 

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