Elba Outdoor - E- Bike Tours

Elba Outdoor organizes E-Bike excursions with an official park guide. E-bikes will allow you to effortlessly explore wonderful paths and unexplored corners of the island. the technology of these bikes allows all enthusiasts to travel along paths and dirt roads even without being super trained!

Below is an example of an offered activity:

- Morning in E-bike: The starting point of the excursion dedicated to the exploration of the western side of the island will be Marina di Campo. The journey will involve the ancient villages of San Piero and Sant'Ilario, the villages of Poggio and Marciana with an unprecedented stop, the Pimpinella farm, which offers a wonderful example of coexistence between man and nature. The excursion does not present technical difficulties, it will be enough to know how to ride a mountain bike on a dirt path, be in good physical shape and dress appropriately. Registration is also open to children over the age of 14 if accompanied by a parent. All participants will be provided with a modern and performing e-bike and the obligatory helmet.

For more information contact:

+39 3938152197 Carlotta, or +39 3929511375 Andrea mail cicotti.c@gmail.com 

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