Free Diving Elba

The Free Diving Elba - Apnea center is a specialized center for freediving located at the beach of Remaiolo along the south-eastern coast of the island of Elba, called Costa dei Gabbiani within the Tenuta delle Ripalte (Capoliveri) . The diving offers freediving courses and stages for all levels (even for children). The courses, excursions and dives are led by experienced instructors and guides and are planned considering the level of experience of each diver.

Here are some of the activities offered:

- Freediving courses and stages: Freediving is considered the art of holding one's breath for a prolonged time by relaxing the mind and body. The courses are for everyone, starting from a basic level to advanced levels and are designed to extend the time spent underwater and experience magical moments in the sea through a path to discover your limits and overcome them. Freediving allows you to increase your self-control skills and mastery of the body and mind. The lessons are planned in the pool and in the sea where the following topics will be developed: Breathing techniques, Yoga, Mental training, Meditation and relaxation, Aquatic skills, Equipment, Physiology, Compensation techniques, Safety, Buoyancy in the water and overturned, Static apnea and dynamic, Descents with and without equipment along the cable in constant weight.

- Snorkeling and raft excursions: possibility to do them from May to October

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