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Sea Kayak Italy was born in 1994 as the first sea kayaking school in Italy. Her passion for kayaking, professionalism, respect for nature, safety at sea, lots of fun and a pinch of adventure distinguish her. You can experience unforgettable holidays in close contact with nature, alternating moments of relaxation with sports. The Island of Elba as you have never seen it before: from the sea in a kayak, 147 kilometers of coastline to be discovered on the surface of the water. Beginners or experienced kayakers for Sea Kayak Italy makes no difference.

Here are some of the activities offered:

- Basic sea kayaking course suitable for those who want to start practicing sea kayaking. The program includes theoretical and practical lessons. Particular attention is paid to safety in rescues at sea, with the aim of putting the beginner in a position to paddle independently, having fun in safety. Course Profile: Theoretical part: origins of kayaking, description, accessories, clothing, hypothermia and hyperthermia, first aid, the weather, types of waves, paddling theory.Practical part: entry and exit from the kayak, balance and balancing of the body, use of the lower and upper body, wet exit and ascent with the paddle float, correct use of the paddle, handling maneuvers, low and high support, lateral movement, supports, self-rescues and group rescues, tows, the nodes you need. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance "Pagaia Azzurra" up to level 2 will be issued.

- Advanced sea kayaking course suitable for those who have already successfully attended the basic course. The goal is the learning and deepening of management techniques and safety measures. The program includes theoretical and practical lessons relating to the most advanced navigation and propulsion techniques, learning the maneuver of the eskimo (roll, supports and all those essential notions to tackle a fairly safe navigation at sea with a kayak. Course profile Theoretical part: effects of wind and water temperature on our body, cardio-circulatory resuscitation, how to land on land with a breaking wave, reading a nautical chart, compass, correspondence, ethics and rules of the sea, dangers for navigation, systems signaling for the sea, considerations on planning an excursion. Practical part: hooking on the wave, self-rescue and group rescues, towing, rafting, roll (eskimo), return with upside-down kayak and roll (eskimo), sailing in rough seas, surfing. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance "Pagaia Azzurra" up to level 3 will be issued.

- Kayak rental only for experts it is possible to rent kayaks at the Marciana Marina school. The school provides all the necessary equipment (at the top of the sector): fiberglass kayaks equipped with watertight lockers, Greenlandic or modern paddle (your choice), paddle float, life jacket, splash guard, dry bag and route map.

- Kayak tour of Elba Treat yourself to an adventurous, fun and safe holiday: explore the island of Elba on a 7-day tour in real sea kayaks, accompanied by a Marine Guide recognized by Sottocosta and the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation (CONI). Departure is scheduled from Marciana Marina on Sunday and return on Saturday. The appointment is set at 8-9 am on the day of departure, at the Sea Kayak Italy headquarters in Marciana Marina (Elba Island) in Via Llewelyn Lloyd 35 (in front of the post office). After a possible short course for beginners, load the kayaks with personal luggage and supplies of food and water, the adventure will begin. The daily itinerary and the stages are defined by the guide, from time to time, based on the weather conditions and the characteristics of the group, generally providing a navigation of 4/5 hours a day (about 10/12 miles) with some stops in inhabited centers for the supply of the galley and for eventual showers. During the tour you can swim in transparent waters, rest in coves accessible only from the sea, improve your sea kayaking techniques under the guidance of the instructor, enjoy the thrill of trolling, experience the magic of the night bivouac. What we offer: fiberglass sea kayaks with watertight lockers and complete with the necessary equipment (paddle, splash guard, life jacket, paddle-float, watertight bags, plasticized nautical chart, etc.), all of a high professional level; tent (1/2/3 places); water and food (breakfast, lunch, dinner); 24 hour assistance. What to bring: sleeping bag (small size), sleeping mat, diving shoes (or old sneakers), swimsuits and t-shirts for sailing, trousers and t-shirt for the evening, personal hygiene necessities, torch, sunglasses , hat, protective cream, towel. We'll take care of the rest. Requirements to participate: suitable for people in moderate physical shape, with a minimum of experience in kayaking.

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