Valeria & Filippo

Valeria and Filippo are the emblem of the romantic couple, for them I have chosen the combination of Music and Wine as the leitmotif of their marriage. Music, with its staff on which musical notes and signs of expression chase each other, was the undisputed protagonist in the rice cones, in the favors, in the sponge cake (which recalled a large score on which bronze icing harmonized a aria for soprano, finished with sugar roses) and in the tableau (made with old piano scores on which the names of the tables were inspired by the most famous 19th century operas). The wine was instead represented by a particular shade of red-burgundy declined, together with white (rendered by the mist or bridal veil), in the fabrics, ribbons, candles and roses that made up the floral decoration of the Church (that of San Giacomo Maggiore in Porto Azzurro, built around the mid-1600s at the time of Spanish rule), the aperitif buffet, the table setting and the confectionary. Last but not least, I should have identified a scenario that was a worthy stage for the staging of their love and that represented their reciprocal passions, to "fix forever in the film" the memory of that day of other times. I immediately thought of a dreamy path, immersed in a landscape rich in the charm of history and the colors of an exuberant nature: 20 hectares of land, silently crowded for several centuries by rows of vines and expanses of olive trees which, together with other perfumes and colors, are enclosed within the walls of the Tenuta La Chiusa, dating back to 1700. This corner of paradise (overlooking the Gulf of Portoferraio with the farmhouse, the noble chapel, the ancient garden, the manor house with double staircase and the ancient cellar) still today, retains the suggestive atmosphere of the enchanting landscape it overlooks. Here, Valeria and Filippo, have crowned their dream of love with an ancient flavor, one characterized by parties, sumptuous dances and gala dinners, stays in aristocratic residences outside the cities, where the ladies walked with umbrellas to shelter from the sun and gentlemen wore the morning suit, the top hat and walked with the cane.

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