Wedding in Elba

Wedding in Elba

Are you looking for the perfect location for your wedding? do you want to organize a perfect day in the name of love? This is why the island of Elba is the ideal location for your most beautiful day: The island is history, the island is life. Nature lives in her even when everything around seems to be silent. Nature is like a living picture that changes perspective and color at the dawn of a new day, like an orchestra whose instruments, each time different, never play the same notes. It is the island of crystalline seabeds, sunsets, sheer cliffs, castles, mines. It is the island of Roman villas, pirates, marinas and villages, past and present Elban people who tell us the essence of this magical and wonderful island. It is no coincidence that its clear light fascinated Macchiaioli painters, enchanted by the blue of its sea, the green of its woods and its vineyards. Elba continues to enchant travelers from all over the world, presenting itself as a place pervaded by magical harmony, with life scenes in black and white that lead us back to the people who wrote history on this island. These are the reasons why Elba is not only a destination for tourists who love nature, tranquility and sport, but also an increasingly popular place to seal an important love that perhaps blossomed precisely in this setting of so much beauty. Once you have chosen the island as the location of your wedding, you decide to rely on the skilled hands of a wedding planner to organize everything down to the smallest detail. Who better than Rossella Celebrini, from Elba doc, can help you in the management of such an important event? Rossella, since 2008 promoter of the "Wedding in Elba" brand has been organizing dream weddings and events on our beautiful island for years, winner of several awards in the wedding sector, since 2009 she has also been the editorial director of the Elba magazine for 2 which tells about Elba. at 360 °. Rossella organized the wedding of the diver Tania Cagnotto and her husband Stefano in 2016. The wedding planner will help you choose the perfect location and think about the scenography and set-up. The island offers numerous historical sites and suggestive locations to be used for civil rites and enchanting churches to celebrate religious rites. Here are some of the experiences of the newlyweds followed by the wedding planner Rossella Celebrini:

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