Ristorante Bastia's

In Bastia's the freshness of the fish is guaranteed: the owner Franco, in fact, personally catches it every morning in the waters surrounding the restaurant, ready to be cooked the same day. Franco is also the cook who shapes the seafood specialties served every day to so many satisfied customers. Experiment with combinations of flavors and periodically invent new recipes, simple but creative and delicious. You can taste the special Mariscada, a hot appetizer based on fresh fish, many seafood first courses, salads and abundant grilled seafood comfortably seated in the comfortable interior rooms or, if the weather permits, al fresco on the restaurant terraces. To complete a truly unique culinary offer is his wife Marina, who adds a touch of Sardinia, her land of origin, to the fresh fish and other courses of a menu that is an expression of the very particular synergy between the gastronomic traditions of different lands, but united by the search for quality and genuine flavors. In fact, you can combine fresh fish and dishes based on the catch of the day with many typical Sardinian recipes, and taste an exquisite stewed wild boar or, upon reservation, the famous Porceddu Sardo, the tender suckling pig typical of the island. There is also an accurate selection of fine Italian, Sardinian and Elban wines, delicious homemade desserts and the opportunity to enjoy excellent pizzas cooked in a wood oven.

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