We answers to your questions

1) Do I have to book the ferry ticket in advance or can I do it directly at the port?

It is always advisable to book in advance during high season, long weekends and holidays to secure a seat on the ferry and avoid queues and undue delays at boarding. This applies both to passengers without a car and to those who ferry with their own vehicle (car or motorbike). Booking tickets online is simple and safe, payment is made by credit card and boarding documents will arrive directly by email. If you are a customer of one of our associated structures you can request the discount code for booking the ferry directly or by sending us an email to info@elbapromotion.it

2) How long before should I arrive at the port?

If you also have to embark the car it is advisable to arrive at least 50 minutes before the departure of the ferry, in this case often, in periods of great tourist turnout, long queues can form near the boarding piers.

3) If my machine breaks down, how can I change the model on the ticket?

Of course, the vehicle can be changed at any time, just contact the shipping company communicating the new model and license plate. The change of length may involve additional costs

4) Can I change or cancel my ticket?

Yes, if the rate chosen at the time of booking is changeable and refundable. There may be additional costs or penalties in case of cancellation

5) Do I have to print the ticket to show it at boarding?

No, it's not necessary. You can also show your ticket directly from your smartphone.

6) Can my pets travel with me?

Yes, it is allowed to travel with your pets upon notification in the travel document. For safety reasons it is forbidden to leave them in the car during the crossing. They are allowed on board, exclusively on the ship's external decks. Dogs must remain inside the tarsportino or must be kept on a leash or have a muzzle

7) How does boarding and disembarking work?

Near the embarkation you will find the port operators and the luminous signs that will guide you to the departure pier. Some cars may be directed to get on the upper ramps of the ferry, smaller cars are usually chosen to leave more space in the lower garage. Once arrived at their destination, the on-board loudspeakers will announce that only drivers are invited to go down to the garage, while foot passengers are invited to walk down the side steps of the ship. Even the moment of disembarkation is assisted by the port operators who are also involved in sorting the traffic leaving the pier.

How should I behave on the ferry to comply with Covid regulations?

In compliance with the coronavirus infection prevention regulations, the use of a mask is mandatory for the entire duration of the trip. Wash your hands often with sanitizing gels on board the ferry and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands. Always respect the social distance of at least one meter and sit in the armchairs where indicated. The environments are sanitized in accordance with the protocols of the ministry of health. DO NOT travel if you have flu symptoms!

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