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History and culture on Island of Elba

An island of intense and tormented history, evidence of which is spread all through the territory from the depths of the sea to the highest slopes of the mountains. Prehistoric tombs, ancient quarries and patrician villas from Roman times alternate with Romanesque churches, Pisan towers, Medici fortresses and churches from different eras. And the many civilisations that have passed here have left a indelible mark in Elban memory which today are represented in historic pageants. Legendary and modern characters, such as Napoleon and Cosimo Medici I, have left unequivocal marks of their passage. Remains from remote times are found at the archaeological museums of Portoferraio and Marciana. The Napoleonic museums – Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino – bring together books, weapons, furniture from that era; the mineral museums of Rio Marina, Rio Elba and Capoliveri, exhibit numerous minerals typical of the island, there is also the chance to visit the abandoned mines.

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