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Under a crystal clear sea.
There are many areas to dive in Tuscany: the Island of Elba is rich in places for divers. A National Park of almost 60 thousands hectares of undersea areas within the Tuscan Archipelago.

Tuscany is an inspiring place for scuba divers and for those who love the underwater world. The Island of Elba is one of the best known places to dive.

To preserve the pristine environment precarious ecological balance, the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago has created in various zones a large controlled area.

This Marine Park is the biggest in Europe. The scuba diver descending down the submerged cliffs can admire a series of canyons, gorgesgrottos which are rich in marine species. The seabed is a fantastic scene and has made Elba a historic place to dive attracting diving pioneers.

It is not by chance that one of the greatest specialist in apnoea, Jacques Mayol, chose the depths of Elba for his records.

Some areas where it is worth diving:
- at the Scoglietto near Portoferraio
- at Punto del Nasuto and at Punta della Madonna, west of Marciana Marina
- at Secca del Careno and at the Formiche di Zanca, at Capo Sant’Andrea
- at the wreck near Pomonte
- in the shallows of Fetovaia
- at Capo Stella towards Capoliveri
- at the Scogli dei Gemini to the West of Capo Calamita
- at Scoglio del Remaiolo to the South of the island
- at Punta delle Cannelle
- and at Junkers, North of Portoferraio lighthouse

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(Autorizzazione Provincia Livorno n. 129 del 15-12-1997)
di Consorzio Servizi Albergatori
(CCIAA di Livorno REA 56478 – Albo Soc. Coop.ve n. A123701)
Calata Italia 26 - 57037 Portoferraio (LI)
Tel 0565.915555 - Fax 0565.930342
Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 00324500495

federalberghi isola d'elbaDer 1953 gegründete Elbanischen Hotelbetreiberverbands repräsentiert 85% der Unterkunftsstrukturen der Insel Elba und gehört zum “ Federalberghi“.

Das “Consorzio Servizi Albergatori”, das auch die Reiseagentur “Ilva Viaggi” betreibt, ist eine 1979 auf Anregung des Elbanischen Hotelbetreiberverbandes der Insel Elba entstandene kooperative Gesellschaft, zu der zirka 180 touristische Einrichtungen wie Hotels, Apartmentanlagen, Ferienwohnungen- und häuser, Bed and Breakfasts und Restaurants gehören. Es repräsentiert eine Unterkunftskapazität von zirka 12.000 Schlafplätzen.

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