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Sailing in the Cetacean Sanctuary.
Under sail it is possible to see schools of dolphins and water jets of whales. There are sailing and wind surf courses are for everyone!

Elba real wealth is no more iron, nor copper or the minerals and precious stones. Today Elba’s treasure is itsluminous sea, that gets bluer still as we move from one cliff to another, from one cove to another, from one beach to another. When sailing off Elba’s coast it is not rare to see schools of dolphins or a whale especially during the spring months. Every cove is different with a variety of natural settings and only in common is the sound of water rippled by a gentle breeze.

There are many different courses, even for children and novices:
- for sailing (F.J., Laser)
- for catamaran (Hobby Cat 16)
- for windsurf (Mistral)

Along the indented coast of Elba the view will never fail to surprise: rounding Punta Nera, sailing along the green Fetovaia promontory, with water that seems to be an enormous natural swimming pool, lightly touching the Gemini Islands and Punta Calamita’s red ferrous earth, passing in front of the small Ortano island and returning to the welcomingPortoferraio harbour.

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(Autorizzazione Provincia Livorno n. 129 del 15-12-1997)
di Consorzio Servizi Albergatori
(CCIAA di Livorno REA 56478 – Albo Soc. Coop.ve n. A123701)
Calata Italia 26 - 57037 Portoferraio (LI)
Tel 0565.915555 - Fax 0565.930342
Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA 00324500495

federalberghi isola d'elbaDer 1953 gegründete Elbanischen Hotelbetreiberverbands repräsentiert 85% der Unterkunftsstrukturen der Insel Elba und gehört zum “ Federalberghi“.

Das “Consorzio Servizi Albergatori”, das auch die Reiseagentur “Ilva Viaggi” betreibt, ist eine 1979 auf Anregung des Elbanischen Hotelbetreiberverbandes der Insel Elba entstandene kooperative Gesellschaft, zu der zirka 180 touristische Einrichtungen wie Hotels, Apartmentanlagen, Ferienwohnungen- und häuser, Bed and Breakfasts und Restaurants gehören. Es repräsentiert eine Unterkunftskapazität von zirka 12.000 Schlafplätzen.

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