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One of Elba’s oldest centres, Marciana clings to a hill at 375 m above sea level, below Mount Capanne. Its past history is well documented in the Archaeological Museum.

Marciana is one of Elba’s oldest centres, it clings to a hill at 375 m above sea level below Mount Capanne. Its past history is well documented in the Archaeological Museum.

Marciana is on the slopes of Mount Capanne, it sits below a castle and has very old origins. It was inhabited by the Etruscans and the Romans and it was subject to the Republic of Pisa and to the Appiani, grand dukes of Piombino. It became part of the French Republic in 1799, then of the Grand duchy of Tuscany. In 1884 Marciana separated from Marciana Marina and became an autonomous town area with the various small towns of Procchio, Chiesi, Sant’Andrea, Patresi, Colle d’Orano, Zanca, Maciarello and Pomonte.

The borough of Marciana is set at 375 m a.s.l., it is crossed by winding lanes with granite paved stairways and it is overlooked by the now ruined Appiani castle. The Pisan fortress, which was constructed in the XII century, with further work done between 1450 and 1457, was used as a refuge for the population during pirate incursions. Nowadays many cultural events take place in the inner courtyard during the summer.

At the entrance to the town there is the 16th century Santa Caterina church and, in Pretorio road, the Archaeological Museum. Founded in 1968, it shows exhibits dating from pre-history to the Roman Imperial age. The rich vegetation of chestnuts, pines, holm oaks and the cool atmosphere that you breathe in Marciana (even though the sea is only 5 km away) is mountain like. It is protected by the high massive of Mount Capanne this area is covered by the colours of a thick vegetation and conserves the last examples of Elba’s ancient agricultural traditions: on the slopes we can see well cared for terraces of vines cultivated by the people of Marciana. In the lower down areas the perfumes and shades of colour of Mediterranean vegetation mix with the smell of the sea: the essence of myrtle, brier, broom, rosemary and lavender permeate the air and give fresh sensations of well-being.

Along the old road that runs from Marciana to its Marina we find the Romanesque San Lorenzo church, with a bell gable surmounting its façade. The church of Saint Cerbone was built in honour of the saint who in the 6th century withdrew here to escape from Lombard persecution. We can find it on the road that rises from Poggio to Mount Capanne (the highest mountain on the Island, 1018 m. a.s.l.). Escursions can be made on Mount Capanne both on foot along the Italian Alpine Club paths or with a cabin car which is open from April to October.

The Madonna del Monte sanctuary can be reached from Marciana along a road or path, it is 630 m a.s.l. and set on the northern slope of Mount Giove,. It was already a religious centre in 1300, the church was rebuilt at the start of the 16th century and enlarged in the next century. About three kilometres from Marciana, surrounded by holm oaks and chestnut trees is the borough of Poggio,  where there is a spring of high mineral content water,  called " the spring of Napoleon ".
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