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Marina di Campo

Marina di Campo, on the most famous part of Elba’s coast, is one of the most “in” and crowded places on the island; however, you can still find isolated and exclusive corners.

Marina di Campo is on the most famous part of Elba’s coast and it is one of the most “in” and crowded places on the island, however, you can still find isolated and exclusive corners.

It is the main town and local council seat for the Campo nell’Elba area. Marina di Campo is in the southern part of the island and has only real plain on Elba, it runs along the coast from Lacona gulf to Pomonte. Marina di Campo is the most “in” centre on Elba rich in bars and cafés and with a good number of hotels. Its port, together with Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro, is full of lots of fishing boats and also yachts: here is the starting point for trips to the Islands of Montecristo and Pianosa. Also in the area of Campo is La Pila airport with flights from the Island of Elba to the rest of Italy and many European cities.

Marina di Campo beach is one of the busiest in summer, it is the longest on Elba and its gulf is large and ideal for water skiing. The fine sand, the enchanting rocks, the hills coming down to the sea and the wonderful glimpses of Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Corsica, make this area one of particular beauty. The other beaches of the Campo area are Fetovaia, Seccheto, Cavoli, Palombaia, Fonza and Ripa Nera. On a promontory to the west on the coast is the round Marina tower built by the Medici as a lookout tower.

The town of Campo has recent origins: its birth as part of Marciana was around 1870 and only in 1894 did it become a town council in its own right. Its fast and considerable development was thanks to its efficient commercial port where boats put to sea with fish, wine and granite. The towns economy is based on fishing, on agriculture with good quality wines, and on the working of marble. The body of Saint Mamiliano is venerated at Marina di Campo, he together with Saint Cerbone is one of the most popular saints of all of the Tuscan Archipelago. The legend says that in the 5th century AD the Vandals arrived in Sicily and the Saint, who was the bishop of Palermo, managed to escape on a small boat and landed on the island of Montecristo. Here, after killing a dragon, he devoted himself to prayer.

Worth a visit: the small town of Sant’Ilario, one of the oldest and most characteristic hill towns, here we can see the San Giovanni church and the town of San Pietro in Campo, which is set on granite high ground of Mount Capanne, the famous Fonte di Prete, Caviere, Vallicella and Grottadoggi quarries are here, they are so rich in minerals that geologists call them the treasure chest of Elba. Also worth a visit is San Niccolò church built on the remains of a Roman temple.
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