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The Appiani Tower

Piazzale Bernotti
Marciana Marina

The Appiani Tower, also called the Marina Tower is considered the symbol of Marciana Marina, and it proudly overlooks the port.

It is round, but although not very big, it still has clear signs that in the past it was used as a watch tower to protect the northern coast of the Island of Elba.

Several theories have been formulated as regards the origins of the Tower, and at present some detailed research is being carried out in an attempt to establish exactly when it was built. The most likely theory up till now seems to be that of Michelangelo Zecchini, who maintains the Tower was built by Jacopo VI Appiano between 1558 and 1562, after his family came back into possession of Elba in 1557.

Some say the Tower may have been built on request of the locals, who from 1553 to 1555 had been victims of frequent raids and ransacks on behalf of the Turkish pirate Dragut.


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