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Archaeological museum of Rio Elba

Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini,
Rio nell'Elba.

The wealth of the mineral deposits of the Island of Elba and the history of their exploitation is the theme of the archaeological civic museum of the mining district of Rio nell'Elba. Located in a newly built building in Via Mazzini, it is located in a panoramic position from which you can see the sea and the summit of Mount Giove with the traces of the mines below. The Museum, opened from March to October, exhibits numerous archaeological finds, dating from between 2000 and 1800 BC around, belonging to the funerary objects found in the Aeneolithic cave of San Giuseppe between Rio nell 'Elba and Rio Marina. The finds are testimony of an ancient community that probably lived of the activities connected to the exploitation of the mineral resources of this slope. In the large hall that extends over two levels are also preserved testimonies of the various historical periods in particular linked to the evolution of the extraction and processing of iron. Through the support of illustrated panels it is possible to make a journey to discover the various civilizations that have left a deep mark on the history and landscape of the Island of Elba. Of particular importance are the Roman finds from the villa of Capo Castello (1st century BC) of Cavo and those from the load of ships sunk in the waters of the Island of Elba. In addition, there are traces of iron working activity in the Middle Ages found in the area of ​​the ancient village of Grassera, which was destroyed in the mid-16th century. A.D. by Turkish pirates, which stood at the foot of Monte Serra. To complete the tour in the mineralogical history of the Island of Elba at the Museum is also exhibited the mineral collection of the people of Rio. These are about 200 specimens of minerals mainly from the mining mines, entrusted to the Museum by the families of the last miners to witness the hard work in the mine but also to remember how this work has marked, for better or for worse, the life of many generations .

Visits and contacts: during the winter period the Museum can be opened upon request for guided tours, for groups and for study and research purposes. It is possible to contact the Culture Office of the Municipality of Rio nell 'Elba on tel. 0565 943428 or send an email to v.caffieri@comune.rionellelba.li.it

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