Beaches and Bathouses

Sea and beautiful beaches of Elba Island

Large sandy beaches alternate with coves and bays of rare beauty, where wild vegetation still prospers. The posidonia oceanica, a species of sea grass that lives in pure and limpid water, lies in soft sea-perfumed cushions, protecting the coasts from the power of the winter waves and storms. A crystal clear sea washes an indented rocky coast, veined in the thousands of colours of this ferrous and granite land. Softer cliffs are typical of the southern part, while limestone pebble beaches whitewash the northern coast causing an exceptionally transparent blue sea.

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  • Ortano Beach

    Rio Marina (Eastern shore)
    Sand type: Sand,Stones - 150 m
    Wind exposure: N-NE...
  • Patresi Beach

    Marciana (Western shore)
    Sand type: Stones - 150 m
    Wind exposure: W-NW-N...
  • Chiessi Beach

    Marciana (Western shore)
    Sand type: Stones - 200 m
    Wind exposure: SE-S-SW-W...
  • Seccheto Beach

    Campo nell' Elba (Southern shore)
    Sand type: Sand - 130 m
    Wind exposure: S-SW...
  • Enfola Beach

    Portoferraio (Northern shore)
    Sand type: Stones, pebbles - 220m
    Wind exposure: SW-W-NW...
  • La Paolina Beach

    Marciana (Northern shore)
    Sand type: Sand and Stones - 90 m
    Wind exposure: NW-N...


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