San Lorenzo Church

The Pieve di San Lorenzo repeats the usual ichnography of the Romanesque churches of Elba, consisting of a single rectangular nave with a semicircular apse at the end. Here, if anything, it is worth noting a certain irregularity of the plan (the rectangle, in fact, becomes a trapezoid), and an accentuated longitudinal development of the building. The stylistic and structural affinities with the parish church of San Giovanni in Campo are remarkable. The wall cladding, both externally and internally, is made by means of rows of granite drafts of decreasing size upwards (as in the other buildings on the island, the gap between the two claddings is filled with a conglomerate of pebbles, fragments of stone and lime). At the top of the façade the church preserves the remains (two pillars) of a mighty bell gable that surmounted it. Accessibility: Along the road that connects Marciana Marina to Marciana.

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