San Giovanni Tower

Watchtower built by the Republic of Pisa for the defense of its Elban garrison, dating back to the century. XI. Its role was to control ship traffic in the Piombino strait and the adjacent sea. It was part of a system consisting of towers and fortifications connected 'on sight' for the 'optical' communication of military / defensive information. Surely damaged after its capture, during a war event, for many centuries it has continued to dominate the Gulf of Campo with its majesty, defying atmospheric agents and human neglect. A movement of the huge granite boulder on which it rests has in the past aggravated its static situation. In 1965 some restoration works were carried out by the Superintendence of Monuments of Pisa itself, which had the purpose of suturing the very serious injuries caused by the movement of the boulder. On the road that leads from Marina di Campo to Monte Perone, near the Pieve di San Giovanni.

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